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‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ Reboot Coming To MTV2?

A Celebrity Deathmatch reboot could be on its way to MTV2, bringing back the ridiculous claymation fights that pitted famous people against one another. Some match-ups included Ozzy Osbourne against Elton John, and Marilyn Manson sabotaging a fight between two pop groups, and the new series could be right back to their original shenanigans. The ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ Reboot Coming To MTV2?

Marilyn Manson’s Clock Cleaned At Denny’s, Brouhaha Spills Over To Motel Lobby

These days, Marilyn Manson is far cry from the terrifying rock star mothers everywhere feared would convert their children to Satanism. Now, he’s the guy who dresses in Goth with his dad and is popped in the kisser by a disgruntled boyfriend at a Denny’s.

Johnny Depp labels actor-musicians 'sickening – I hate the idea'

The actor, next seen in comedy drama Mortdecai, says ‘you won’t be hearing the Johnny Depp Band – that won’t ever exist’ Johnny Depp has dismissed the tendency of Hollywood stars to launch music careers off the back of their success on the big screen, labelling the trend “sickening”. Depp, who has performed on stage or recorded with acts such as Oasis and Marilyn Manson, said he was content to …

Lindsay Lohan Flies to Court

Today in celebrity gossip : Lindsay Lohan is on a mad dash to make it to court, Marilyn Manson does an annoying thing, and Emma Watson is definitely not going to be in 50 Shades of Grey. 

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