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Hollywood Docket: Pre-1972 Music; 'Barely Lethal' Lawsuit; Aimee Mann Settlement

Entertainment law developments including an appeal concerning Ray Charles songs and a guilty plea from a Megupload computer programmer.

9 Painfully Awkward Celebrity Super Bowl Ads

Michael J. Fox, Charles Barkley and Will Ferrel star in some of the more head-scratching commercials ever to air during the big game

'X-Men: Apocalypse' News: Stars Vying for Young Jean Grey, Cyclops and Storm Revealed

Past “X-Men” movies have featured younger versions of the original characters. Fans have seen Mystique played by Jennifer Lawrence, Charles Xavier played by James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender as Magneto.

I'm A Celebrity's Craig Charles looks downcast as he leaves Australia following the death of his brother

Craig Charles has left Australia to return to the UK.

I'm A Celebrity's Craig Charles leaves Australia after brother Dean's death

Craig Charles has left Australia to return to the UK. He quit the I'm A Celebrity jungle on Thursday after receiving the news that his brother Dean had died from a heart attack on Tuesday.

I'm a Celebrity's Craig Charles' daughter posts support on Twitter

Craig Charles' daughter Anna-Jo, 17, send a loving tweet directed at her 50-year-old father, shortly after the news broke of his departure from I'm A Celebrity.

Craig Charles' daughter tweets her support after he leaves I'm a Celebrity: "Just wanna give dad a hug"

Craig Charles' daughter has offered her support for her father after he left the I'm a Celebrity jungle this morning, following news his brother had died.

Craig Charles leaves I'm A Celebrity… after being told of brother's sudden death

Craig Charles has quit the I'm A Celebrity jungle after receiving news that his brother has died from a heart attack.

12-story apartment building to be demolished in Hollywood

The Town House Apartments will be demolished Saturday. The 12-story building will give way to high rises as part of the Hollywood Circle project

All Celebrities Went to the Desert to Find Themselves

Today in celebrity gossip: One million celebrities converged on Indio, California, for a music festival, Andrew Garfield wants you to stay out of his business, and Zac Efron's shirt was ripped off. Just kidding, that's a description of Charles Manson's concept of Helter Skelter, not the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

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